Flamingo Room Cocktail

London Dry Gin / Rosato Vermouth / Raspberry / Lemon

Flamingos are known as graceful and majestic creatures that stand on one leg. There is no need to stand on one leg to be graceful, but ordering this iconic drink will put you right up there.

Nuts for Negroni

London Dry Gin / Cocoa Nibs Vermouth / Hazelnut Campari

We think that Count Camillo Negroni, the inventor of the classic, would approve this version featuring a hint of dark chocolate and hazelnuts. 

Mandarin Spritz

House Crafted Limoncello di Amalfi / Mandarin Cordial / Soda / Prosecco / Bergamot perfume

A refreshing not-so-classic version of a spritz, using the traditional Italian recipe for house-crafted Limoncello. A combination of  zesty mandarin perfumed with bergamot essential oils, this will brighten your day (or night).         

Save the Parmesan

Chivas Regal Extra / Fino Sherry / Parmigiano Reggiano / Vanilla / Lemon / Bitters 

Inspired by Massimo Bottura’s heroic gesture to save Modena’s famous cheese industry and invented by our bar team, it was the winning recipe at the 2018 UAE Chivas Masters Competition. Destined to become a classic.             

El Figo

Aromatised Wine / Fig & Saffron Cordial / Bitters / Soda / Prosecco

A truly delicious cocktail featuring fig and saffron as the main flavours topped up with Prosecco and soda. Served in a highball glass over ice, it is a refreshing combination that will tantalise the palate.                

Celebrity Collins  

Belvedere Vodka / Yuzu / Cucumber / Salt & Black Pepper Tincture / Soda 

Inspired by the Tom Collins, our version features Belvedere Vodka instead of Gin, combined with everlasting delicious flavours of yuzu and fresh cucumber. It is literally served on the red carpet – so watch out for the paparazzi.

Jam-in Daiquiri

Bacardi Superior Rum / Italian Pomace Brandy / Passion Fruit Skin Jam / Lime

It is said that the original daiquiri was created by a mining engineer in the early 1900’s living in Cuba. Our version features light rum, grappa and our homemade passion fruit skin jam. Like the classic, it is refreshing and clean on the palate.

Beet Goes On  

Mediterranean Gin / Beetroot Reduction / Bergamot Liqueur

Just imagine drinking fresh beetroot juice, with deep earthy & savoury notes. Served in a martini glass. A great dry-style aperitif to wake up your taste buds.       

but in Mexico  

Tequila Blanco / Butternut Shrub / Lime / Paprika Salt

A savoury version of the famous margarita that was originally invented by Carlos “Danny” Herrera in Mexico. The butternut shrub combined with paprika-salt adds a flavourful grace-note to the ingredients balanced by the tartness of the lime, and the heady warmth of the tequila. 

King Cole Bloody Mary 

Roasted Capsicum Vodka / Raspberry Balsamic / House Seasoning Blend  / Tomato

In 1934, Fernand Petiot perfected the original Bloody Mary in the King Cole Bar at the St Regis Hotel, New York City, named for its famous gilded Parrish mural of the royal cutting cheese and being watched by smirking jesters. Our version features roasted capsicum vodka balanced with a secret spicy mix. A must try for tomato lovers.      

Steps to Africa  

Step 5 Gin / Samphire Cordial / Lemon / Bitters / Tonic

An exceptional version of a Gin & Tonic with salty notes, reminiscent of the South African Cape Atlantic sea, and the botanicals grown next to it. 

Papa Americano  

Italian Aperitivo / Vermouth di Torino / Hibiscus / Prosecco

Combining two of Italy’s famous aperitifs, named as such as they inspire one’s appetite before a meal, this refreshing bitter-sweet cocktail is a botanical masterpiece.  

Easter Island 

Jamaican Rum / Quinine Vermouth / Papaya Cordial / Ginger / Lime 

Take a journey back to the lush, tropical islands of French Polynesia with this delicious blend of rum and tropical fruit.  Served in an elaborate Tiki mug reminiscent of South Pacific mythology, this cocktail will make you feel like exploring the mighty jungle.          

Ticket to Moscow   

Russian Vodka / Lime / Passion Fruit Skin Jam / House Crafted Ginger Beer

Vodka wasn’t a well-loved drink in America in the 1940’s until the Moscow Mule cocktail was born, to sway people’s aversion to it.  Our signature recipe goes a step further with super refreshing, long-lasting aftertaste.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.

My Crunchy Days

Monkey Shoulder Whisky / Quinine Vermouth / Carrot Cordial / Bitters

A sophisticated combination of flavours with a base of Speyside single malt whiskeys blend, the essence of juicy carrots and a hint of aromatic bitters. It is a silky, bitter-sweet medley of earthy notes making for a truly unique tasting experience down the rabbit hole.           


Sous Vide Banana Rum / Quinine Vermouth / Orange / Lemon / Bitters

This “ridiculously good-looking” cocktail tastes like a banana on steroids. It’s not too sweet and not too sour with a slightly bitter after-note. We promise it won’t land you in the zoo – but it might make you jump around like a monkey.    

Natasha’s Old Fashioned

Sesame Oil washed Kentucky Straight Bourbon / Maple / Liquid Smoke / Bitters

First created at the Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky in 1880, the original Old Fashioned was made famous when served at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City in the same year. The cocktail has stood the test of time. We have added a special touch to this classic.